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Natasha Lawrence

Natasha’s core values of non-judgemental acceptance, belief in each individual’s resilience and compassion underpin her work as a counsellor. Specialising in the process of recovery from complex trauma, she will accompany you on your journey as you reconnect to ‘self’. She welcomes people from diverse cultural, and social backgrounds. Her practice is person-centred, trauma-informed, LGBTQIA+ safe, and anti-oppressive.

Natasha’s interest and passion for counselling started with her own therapy. Experiencing this work, she knows how hard it is to open up to a counsellor and face the fears that are interfering with your life. She brings this personal experience as well as varied life experience to her client work. Having lived in two other countries outside Australia, Natasha understands the issues of belonging, identity, and finding a place to call home, as well as universal experiences such as depression, anxiety, and grief. She deepened her understanding of how grief affects all of us when she volunteered as a support worker with the National Association of Loss and Grief.

Natasha worked as a secondary school teacher in Australia and the UK. Wanting to try something new, she embarked on a career in the corporate sector. Both these very different workplaces gave her an insight into how pressure affects us and the coping strategies we use, whether helpful or not. Feeling like something was missing in her corporate job, Natasha returned to her first love of working with and listening to people.

Alongside private practice Natasha has worked as a crisis counsellor at women’s centres in Sydney, with expertise and advocacy in domestic violence and trauma recovery, supporting women who were holding shame, grief, loss of identity, and loneliness. Her passion to confront injustice and oppression of people through institutional and societal violence gives her an empathic understanding of the many challenges people face when they want to leave violence and start afresh. She is also a skilled group therapist, running therapeutic groups for women’s centres and various organisations around Sydney and NSW.

Couples Counsellor

Natasha works with couples focusing on the patterns that are interfering with the connection you seek with your partner. By bringing awareness to the dynamics at play in your relationship, Natasha will support you as you navigate your way back to each other.

Natasha uses Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) in relationship counselling which helps couples understand their attachment styles and the fears that get in the way of being emotionally vulnerable with your partner. Relationship therapy is hard work, and Natasha is committed to being there with you every step of the way as long as you are both invested in real long-term change.

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For a confidential, no obligation discussion on how EFT could help your relationship, free phone consultations are available with Natasha. Alternatively call or email us for more information.


Natasha Lawrence - Sydney Counsellor from Mangrove House


Natasha is a clinical member of PACFA, upholding its standards for ethical working and professional development. She has completed training in Somatic Experiencing, Internal Family Systems and Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples. She undertook postgraduate studies in counselling through the Australian College of Applied Professions. She is an approved counsellor for NSW Victims Services and ACT Victims Support.

Natasha is constantly deepening her skills and experience and will be undertaking further training in Somatic Experiencing to support her clients heal from trauma by helping them to connect their emotional states and their bodies.


Individual counselling
Each session is 60mins long and costs $165 (inclusive of GST).

Relationship counselling
Each couple’s session is 60mins long and costs $200 with the exception of the first couple’s session which lasts 90mins at the cost of $300 (inclusive of GST).

  • Natasha Lawrence, Counsellor at Mangrove House
    “Natasha looks forward to working with you and invites you to contact her for a private and confidential discussion. Mangrove House is a place of safety and gentle exploration, directed by your needs."
    Natasha Lawrence, Counsellor at Mangrove House

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