Is counselling for me?

Welcome to Mangrove House, where you are supported to grow, heal, learn, and realise your best self. In addition to providing support to reflect on your values and goals, counselling can help to strengthen resilience and find new ways of coping with life’s challenges. Our counsellors work with people aged 12+, from all walks of life. If you are facing any of the following, or are worried about another aspect of life, counselling at Mangrove House may be for you.

Using a trauma-informed approach, we will create safety within and outside the body. We can help you reclaim your future by better understanding how historic trauma affects you in the now.

Grief may be universal, but your experiencing of it is unique. Continuing your bond, while re-orienting yourself to a new reality can be confusing and painful. You don’t have to do it alone.

Change can provoke many different responses in our ‘self’. Learn ways to find acceptance through flexible thinking, accessing the ‘internal drive to thrive’ in the face of uncertainty.

Understand anxiety’s function and develop strategies that work for you to not only cope, but live your best life when anxiety is causing you to lose touch with what is important.

Healthy relationships are central to your overall wellbeing and connectedness. We can support you to enhance relationships with partners, family, friends, and work colleagues.

Living with ongoing depression and despair can be overwhelming, let alone trying to overcome it alone. We can help you reconnect with hope in a safe and supportive environment.  

Feeling accepted by ourselves, our families and our communities is a core human need. Find your safe space to explore what it means to be you, in the context of the world around you. 

If you are dissatisfied with your career direction, experiencing self-doubt, or impacted by recent world events, we can support you in setting achievable goals to regain a sense of fulfilment.

When fears get in the way of what is important to you, working to regulate the body, increase tolerance, and understand underlying beliefs may help to overcome them.

  • Bessel van der Kolk
    “We have learned that trauma is not just an event that took place sometime in the past; it is also the imprint left by that experience on mind, brain, and body."
    Bessel van der Kolk
  • Bessel van der Kolk
    "While trauma keeps us dumbfounded, the path out of it is paved with words, carefully assembled, piece by piece, until the whole story can be revealed."
    Bessel van der Kolk
  • Rumi
    “Grief can be the garden of compassion. If you keep your heart open through everything, your pain can become your greatest ally in your life's search for love and wisdom”
  • Heather Stang
    "Mindfulness lets you expand your view by placing you on the middle ground between denying your pain and overindulging in your suffering... You stay in contact with the entire scope of your existence, and you experience grief without becoming grief itself."
    Heather Stang
  • Carl Jung
    "Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes."
    Carl Jung
  • Russ Harris
    “Psychological flexibility is the ability to adapt to a situation with awareness, openness, and focus and to take effective action, guided by your values.”
    Russ Harris

Working together

Counselling provides dedicated time to explore what is really important for you to thrive in your own body and life. This will be different for everyone. At Mangrove House, our counsellors will be guided by you as the expert in your own life, and work towards therapeutically reinforcing your strengths with evidence-based approaches to minimise harm, develop your skills, support you with psycho-education and give you space to talk and explore. We work with you to understand and meet your individual needs.

We take a Person-Centred approach, drawing on evidence-based therapies such as, but not limited to, Narrative Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, parts work based on the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model, Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT).

Online sessions

Video-conferencing calls are available to clients from all locations, offering convenience, accessibility and privacy.

In-person sessions

For people in and around Sydney who prefer regular sessions in-person (by appointment).

Phone sessions

Phone counselling sessions are also available for those who wish to connect using their mobile or landline.

Helpful to know

We take your confidentiality seriously. We conduct our business in line with our accrediting body, the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA) and its Code of Ethics. In preparation for your first session, please refer to the counselling agreement and policy guide forms linked below. 

Each session is 60 minutes long and costs $132 (incl. GST). The Medicare rebate does not apply to the counselling services we offer. This also means you do not need a mental health care plan from your GP to make an appointment with our counsellors.

In response to current COVID-19 conditions, social distancing and hygiene practices are being observed in session, with the option to conduct sessions online or over the phone as needed.

  • We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land where we work and live. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging. Always was, always will be Aboriginal land.
Counselling Agreement
Policy Guide

Our counsellors

Natasha Lawrence

Natasha’s interest and passion for counselling started with her own therapy. Having done this work, she knows how hard it is to open up to a counsellor and face the fears that are interfering with your life. She brings this personal experience as well as varied life experience to her client work. Having lived in two other countries outside Australia, Natasha understands the issues of belonging, identity, and finding a place to call home, as well as universal experiences such as depression, anxiety, and grief.

Natasha worked as a secondary school teacher in Australia and the UK. Wanting to try something new, she embarked on a career in the corporate sector. Both these very different workplaces gave her an insight into how pressure affects us and the coping strategies we use, whether helpful or not. Feeling like something was missing in her corporate job, Natasha undertook postgraduate studies in counselling through the Australian College of Applied Psychology, returning to her first love of working with and listening to people.

Natasha’s core values of non-judgemental acceptance, belief in each individual’s resilience, and compassion underpin her work as a counsellor. Specialising in the process of insight and understanding, and healing from trauma, she can support you to find the patterns and behaviours in your life that are no longer serving you. If you feel that something is no longer going well for you or that life seems to have lost its spark, together you can explore how to get back on track.

Alongside private practice Natasha works as a crisis counsellor at a women’s centre in Sydney, with expertise and advocacy in working with issues of shame, grief, identity, and loneliness. Her interest in listening and supporting people led her to volunteer as a support worker for the National Association of Loss and Grief. As a member of PACFA, Natasha upholds its standards for ethical working and professional development. She is undertaking more training in trauma and body work while using a person-centred approach with all her clients.

Natasha looks forward to working with you and invites you to contact her for a private and confidential discussion. Mangrove House is a place of safety and gentle exploration, directed by your needs.

Remona Coleman

Remona draws on over 20 years of experience in the field of communications and, later, counselling to provide a supportive space where you can seek to find clarity, experience relief, and navigate your way through life’s challenges.

Specialising in the process of change, Remona takes a person-centred approach to your unique experience of beginnings, endings, the stages between, and what lies beyond. Whether relating to your health (including anxiety and depression), relationships (including loss), career, personal aspirations, or sense of belonging and safety in the world, Remona’s warm, professional and empathic manner will ensure you feel well supported throughout your work together.

Feeling seen, heard and understood can be a powerful way to heal and grow. As a counsellor, Remona walks with you, shining a light on your natural desire to thrive, building on your strengths and assisting you to rewrite unhelpful narratives that no longer serve you. Combining shared insights with evidence-based practices that focus on building you up as the expert in your own life, Remona works with your goals, at your pace.

Having worked with young people (12+) and their parents in her role at Canteen, a non-for-profit organisation that provides physical, emotional, social and psychological support for youths living with Cancer, and as a volunteer of Raise Youth Mentoring Foundation, Remona has experience counselling both adolescents and adults in the space of grief and anxiety.

A PACFA member, Remona is a qualified counsellor with an ongoing commitment to continuous learning and professional development. Remona holds a Graduate Diploma of Counselling, a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and values ethical practice, transparency, inclusiveness, cultural competence and trauma-informed practices.

Remona warmly invites you to bring your ‘whole self’ to the safety of Mangrove House, where supported exploration can lead to resilience and relief

Our space

Annandale, NSW

Our space is located in Suite 3 of the Saddlery (above Village Hub) at Level 1, 103A Johnston Street, Annandale NSW 2038. Here, you will find unmetered and all-day street parking (Johnston and Annandale Streets). The 469 and 470 bus routes take you right to us and the 480 and 413 routes bring you within a short walk. Once inside, you will find a comfortable waiting area, convenient bathroom facilities, and of course our spacious counselling room which allows for social distancing.

If your needs are immediate

Please contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or
000 in the case of an emergency.